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Submissions for the article: Advice for a younger self

Was I too preachy in my top ten things I would tell a younger self? Sorry. I can tone it down a bit and maybe lighten up. I did canvas some of my friends and family (and a few random people from my Moms-in-Vaud yahoo group) for advice on what they might tell an 18-year-old girl getting out on her own for the first time. Here are some of their responses:

If you enjoy Le Vache Qui Rit cheese, you will never go hungry. A box of this cheese with a loaf of bread is quite satisfying when you have limited options. On that note, here is a specific recommendation: If you are dehydrated in the desert (or the bottom of the Grand Canyon), nibble on an apple if you have one. It adds water and fiber to your stomach and keeps you from throwing up.

Never put your trust in someone simply because they are nicely dressed.

If you are waffling over whether to go have the ice cream, go up the tower, hike the path, or swim in that cool-but-inviting lake do it anyway and think about consequences later.

If he can’t be bothered with sheets then don’t bother.

If he can’t be bothered to clean up after dinner, then don’t bother–especially if you were the one making the dinner in the first place.

Watch less television.
Read more.

Pack your own lunch and you will never be disappointed.
Try to think of your boss as someone who needs help to get their job done right. Resist the urge to regard them as a power-tripping top dog.

Resist office politics and gossip. Nobody likes a gossip.

If you drop a sandwich on a busy city sidewalk (e.g. a Dublin sidewalk), don’t eat it. Usually, the 5-second rule would apply; however, use your discrepancy if you are in the middle of a large city (and not at home). The city has accumulated thousands of years of microbes. Your kitchen floor is another level of cleanliness (dirtiness?).

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