Opportunity to walk it off — before you taste

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If you are somebody who likes to hike it off before you start, here is a hike that according to Google, takes about an hour: from Sierre to Domaine Caprice du Temps (in Miege).

Be prepared for the hills and the spectacular views.  Good news is that there is a fantastic restaurant in Miege (Le Relais Miégeois) where you can stop for lunch and re-energize and re-hydrate before you come by the winery.

If you call the winery before you come, we can maybe arrange for a ride back down to Sierre after tasting.

Domaine Caprice du Temps
+41 27 455 7640

Humagne Blanc–Toute la nuit, toute la vie


Caprice du temps Humagne Blanc. A wine varietal native to Valais,Switzerland, my father-in-law–Hughes Clavien–is renowned for his rendition of this wine. It also happens to be his favourite and he is often heard saying: “Humange Blanc: toute la nuit, toute la vie!” (Humange Blanc: all night long, all life long).

We often drink this wine at our apero when we are visiting. I find it to be much like it’s creator:  subtle, pleasant, and stimulating. Have you tried it yet? What do you think?


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Cuvée Romaine — full of vivacity and persistence!


The first #wine I would like to introduce to you from Domain Caprice du Temps is Cuvée Romaine (a direct translation of the name is: Vintage Romaine). I like that translation. I find it very appropriate. It is named for my mother-in-law. And she is definitely quality.

This wine is a wine you will find ONLY chez Domaine Caprice du Temps. It is a family blend of Humagne blanc, Savagnin blanc (Païen), and Pinot blanc and is one of five wines they mature in oak barrels.

Roughly translated, the tasting notes say: aromas of white peach and toasted almonds, fresh and velvety palette full of vivacity and persistence.

I think my mother-in-law is full of vivacity and persistence!

Blended #Swisswine Humange blanc, Pinot blanc, Païen

#Swisswine, #VinsduValias, #VinsSuisses
If you miss the Caves Ouvertes this May, you can try our new online shopCapriceDuTemps.com

Vins du Valais, Caves Ouvertes

Great wines. Family-owned, grown, made, and sold in Switzerland
Mark your calendar folks… 14, 15, and 16 May 2015. Domaine Cave Caprice du Temps will have their entire cellar available for tasting. 19 wines from their menu…and may a few special ones.

Almost 50% of their production are indigenous Swiss varietals: ‪#‎petitearvine‬, ‪#‎cornalin‬, ‪#‎humaneblanc‬, #humagnerouge…we have this #päen (Savignon blanc) that is so lovely and best enjoyed with a friend on a hot summer’s day on a terrace after work…but I digress.

I will introduce my favourite wines from this winery (my family’s winery in Switzerland) this week and hopefully you can tell me what you think of them too.

4 eggplants + some sauce + a bit of cheese = #Foodporn


Last week, my father-in-law brought two ginormous zucchini and four eggplants from his garden. He seemed happy that somebody wanted them. I llooooovvveee eggplants and zucchinis. Love ’em.

So, tonight, the eggplants needed to be used up. All four of them. All at once. I wondered what I could do. AND I thought to myself: “If anybody has a fast, delicious  recipe for eggplants, Jamie Oliver would.”

I googled: “aubergines + Jamie Oliver” and I found this recipe for eggplant parmesan. (Aubergine is what it is called in Britain and Western Europe). So. I have this recipe. I scanned it to make sure I had at least 85% of the ingredients.

I did.

I got to work.

I was sauté-ing the onions, garlic, and oregano and Jman came into the kitchen: “Tu fait quoi Maman? Ça sent bon!” What are you making Mum? It smells good!” A good sign indeed, but who doesn’t agree that sautéed onions and garlic DOESN’T smell good?

Even better, he wanted to help make it.

We got his little stool from the bathroom and put it at the stove. I was concerned about the heat and his safety, but he stirred the sauté “tout seul”. All by himself!

My deviations:

I didn’t have canned tomatoes, but I do have a stash of pasta sauces (ones that just have ingredients you would find in your own kitchen)–so I used that instead of the canned or fresh tomatoes. Worked extremely well.

Also, for the finish, I had some fresh mozzarella in my refrigerator. I sliced that up, placed it on the top, and grilled the entire casserole until the mozzerella was melted and browned.

I used the hashtag #foodporn in Instagram, it was so tasty.

Super simple summer lentil salad

Super simple summer lentil salad
Here is something I made today. It was so simple, and so tasty. AND my two wee boys asked for seconds and thirds.

1/2 a bag of dried puy lentils
Boullion for cooking lentils

other salad bits
3 carrots peeled
1/2 a red pepper
A bit of onion
A small clove of garlic
1/2 a bunch of parsley
1/2 cucumber

seasoning / sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Juice of half a lemon

I put the lentils on the stove-top to cook. Use the recommendations for cooking on the package of lentils. I usually add bouillon to the lentils whilst they cook just for a bit of additional flavour.

While the lentils were cooking, I chopped up the carrots, pepper, and onion. I like to chop these ingredients up to approximately the same size as the lentils themselves. Plus, chopping is a bit of therapy for me. I like to zone out and focus on something manual sometimes. I used a garlic press to crush the garlic. And I chopped up the parsley rather finely with a chopping knife.

Dump it all into a bowl. Add the salt and pepper. I drizzle olive oil around the bowl three times. Same with the balsamic vinegar. I squeezed the juice of half a lemon. Then, I just mixed everything together.

It was super simple, and as I said, my two sons loved it. So, i felt like a successful mom today.

Good night. Sleep tight.
A bientôt!

This is Me in Grade Two…


(Originally published 22 April 2007, am republishing…well…have to get back into blogging. Throwback Thursday is as a good excuse as any!)

Mrs. Halleberg was my grade two teacher. On parent’s night, each student had to make up an individual star made of construction paper. Mrs. Halleberg would then write adjectives to describe her students and put them up on the bulletin board in the hallway. She wrote ‘Chatterbox’ on mine and ‘Motor Mouth’ on my friend Lorraine’s. I guess your individual development really doesn’t change much after your first five years–hence, thirty years later I am nick-named Princess Donkey.

I’ve kept this character sketch that a fellow classmate wrote of me in Mrs. Halleberg’s grade two class.

The great thing is: thirty years later, I still have friends from Grade 2: Lorraine and Michelle.  Lorraine is my first close long-time friend to have a baby (Baby Betty). Michelle lives in or around Wakefield and is studying to become a nurse. We had another friend, Winnie Wong. I don’t know where she is now though. I think Lorraine says she is in Toronto.

I did, however, say hello to my former classmate who wrote my character sketch this year when I was home at Christmas. I found out that he and wife were living just up the road from my parents. They’ve had a baby too. I had three weeks to kill in Whitehorse this year and them up–out of the blue–and asked if they wanted to go skiiing. I didn’t think they would remember me–but they did. I told them that I had this character sketch that he had written about me–and that I am positively horrified that in grade two, my hobbies included doing chores around the house.