Well..we have some BIG NEWS. B.I.G. We’ve been telling everybody by phone, but now it is offically on the blog.

Jman is diaper-free. Ever since we moved into our house, he was right away interested to use the potty. Then, right after his third birthday, he decided: No more pampers (“Pas de pampers, Maman. Plus“). Which literaly means: no more diapers. None. Not even at night. Continue reading

We are officially looking for an au pair…

After a few months of struggling long hours by myself with the boys and being unable or too tired to move my projects forward, we are officially looking for an au pair. I originally didn’t want to discriminate between fille au pair and a garçon au pair, but honestly, I don’t really want a young man in my house. I don’t want to teach him how to live with others. I don’t want him to disrespect our space (messy room, food all over). I certainly don’t want to make him have to clean the bathroom more than once…and now, I am stereotyping. Continue reading