2016 calendar of Canadian landscapes by local Yukon artist, Mr. B

Be on Yukon time all year

My Dad, a Yukon artist,  started painting after his retirement in 1998.  He taught himself and started with watercolours and acrylics before he found his preferred medium in oil.

This year, he put 12 of his paintings together and produced a one-of-a-kind calendar of Canadian landscapes from the Yukon and Northern BC. He and my Mum go for drives and take pictures or they take pictures on their holidays. When Dad gets home, he creates paintings from those pictures.

For this calendar, he painted the pictures, framed them, took pictures of them, then headed down to InterGraphics in Whitehorse to get their help to produce it.

Just fill in the form at the bottom of this post. We can ship anywhere in the world.

2016 Calendar. Limited printing. Support a Yukon artist and senior. $20 CAD.

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Ken Burke | Yukon Artist | Canadian landscape painterThanks for your support!

Mr. B.

Crazy Yukoner wants to be the coldest Canadian…

My friend Michael (from Whitehorse) wants to take his wife, Fawn, on a date in New Zealand. You can help.

Air New Zealand is holding a “Coldest Canadian” contest.

You have to go here: http://www.coldestcanadian.ca/yukoner-goes-snorkeling
Watch the video.
Register with the site (evil, I know, but necessary).
Vote for his video everyday until…well, until he wins.

Simple, right?

It is a vote driven contest, so he can’t do this alone.

I, for one, think that snorkeling in a frozen lake in the Yukon sometime in winter…well..he deserves a holiday in New Zealand.

Go on. Vote. Help him out.