The truth about olive oil

Over the holidays, I was catching up on some of my favourite podcasts, and I found this one about olive oil from Planet Money (produced by NPR in America).

In summary:

The Italians buy Greek olive oil in bulk. They put it in Italian bottles. They slap on Italian labels, and they sell it for far more money than the Greeks make selling it in bulk. You’ve probably tasted Greek olive oil. You just didn’t know it. Greece never invested in the big processing and bottling and storage facilities you need to be a world competitor in olive oil.ROBERT SMITH

Learn more about olive oil from this site:



Happiness is…

Taking a random tram ride to the outskirts of Bern, serendipitously finding a playground, climbing in a huge swing with the boys, looking up at the sky as the sun pokes through the clouds.

Jman shouting: “Higher! Higher!” as I pump my legs awkwardly while lying on my back. 

Mpants squirms onto my belly and gives me a kiss: “Me love you Mommy!”

“Me love you too.” And I kiss the tops of each of their heads. We lay back in the swing and watch the clouds.

Tastes like and old snail’s smelly fart!

Jman sneaks a cherry tomato from the tray as I am cutting them for the salad and pops it in his mouth.

Two seconds later, he opens the drawer under the sink and spits it into the garbage. 

“Blech. Blech. Blech.”

“Something wrong Jo?”

“Tastes like an old snail’s smelly fart!”

“Blech indeed.”  

Who is your person?

One night I was talking to Jman before he went to sleep. I was telling him how his brother is really important. And how he is (or will be) his best friend and they will have a lot of great adventures together. And they will need to support each other and confide in one another. And look out for one another.

I said: “He will be your person.”

And Johnny digested that for a moment and replied: “He already is my person. He is my assistant!”